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We are also being audited by Oracle for licensing. Thanks for sharing the info.


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> Does anyone know if simply have the RDBMS server software installed
> but no database running requires a license? I dont think so since
> Oracle LMS scripts runs againsta database
> Any thoughts?

Having been audited a while back by Oracle, I *know* what they will say. You pay for what you install, whether you use it or not.

The fact that I showed them their own documentation that said "everything is installed by default, however, you must license any options you use" held no water with them I'm afraid.

They had a another document that had, buried on page 30 something, text which stated that "you license for anything you install".

Of course, you can make sure that your installation instructions refer to disabling options you do not need, and rebuilding the binaries without them. Beware, patching to will silently re-enable those options leaving you in breach of your license.

There has been a thread recently on the fact that EE enabled the extra cost Diagnostic and Tuning packs as well. Yet another silent way for Oracle to "screw" money out of unsuspecting customers!

Of course, all this applies to the non-downloaded version of the software. The downloaded version has it's own terms and conditions.

Good luck!


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