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Date: Thu, 27 Oct 2011 09:24:01 +0200
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Unless you have the diagnostic and license pack you need to set the control_management_pack_access parameter to "NONE". When this parameter is set, none of these automatic features will be used. Also no ash / awr snapshots will be taken.

You can still use the sql plan management to fixate the execution plan of a query, but you can't let oracle automatically tune or evolve the plans.

What bugs me (more then) a little bit is that Oracle is depending more and more on these 2 packs for all kind of automatic tasks and enables them by default, but still license them separately. I find it difficult to convince a client to license these packs (unless they use grid control), as all that is happening, is happening in the background. Invisible, but with a high impact.  

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Note the Optimizer Group's Blog Post :

I can understand the
"No additional licenses are needed to use SQL Plan Management (SPM) or any of the procedures in the DBMS_SPM package. SPM is available as part of Oracle Database Enterprise Edition 11g."

But then :
"Tuning Pack includes "Automatic Plan Evolution of SQL Plan Management". What this is actually referring to is the interaction between the SQL Tune Advisor's nightly tuning task and SPM. This interaction does require you to have a license to use the Tuning pack."
Followed by
"In Oracle Database 11g, the SQL Tuning Advisor, runs automatically during the maintenance window."

If it is *automatic*, it would automatically require the Tuning Pack by virtue of it running "automagically".

So, should every DBA be advised to disable the default behaviour ?

Hemant K Chitale

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