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I think this is twisted around a bit. The DBA's priority should be meeting the Business priority. That doesn't mean the only priorities of a DBA should be the Business priorities, as we have many more. I think that was the original intent and from followup emails it seems that way, but just to be clear, if the Business has as priority #1 "process x" finishing in a certain time, then that's your first priority. You have plenty of other work and can make cases to the Business that these other things are important and why, but those shouldn't be worked on ahead of priority #1 issues.

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I think this thread started because I took exception to the comment "priorities for the business may not be the same as a priority for the DBA's". IMO they should be the same, i.e. the DBA should not make something a priority if it is not a priority for the business, has their backing. The only exception to that rule is when it comes to backups. That must be a priority for the DBA even if the business does not understand the priority of it - although they need to be reminded of it at every opportunity. With backups the priority would become obvious to the business only when it is too late. I'm curious about the opinions on that. Not the last bit about backups. I hope we do not have any disagreement there.

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