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Date: Wed, 26 Oct 2011 14:54:01 -0700 (PDT)
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It depends on how you think about business vs DBA. In my organization business has a business IT and there is a Shared service that the DBA's are part of .
The business normally is looking out for itself . The shared service which the DBA's are part of has to look out for not only the business but the company as a whole.
I do think DBA's have to to be concerned on things that the business does not prioritize depending on the setup and environment.

Today DBA's are not focus oriented in shops . Business demands DBA's be the Performance experts, the DMA's (using Arup Nanda's Terms ) , Backup experts as well as Application experts.
Often than not App teams move on but the Database teams are still the same and are the curators of the Database as well as Knowledge Admins to provide the business with help on to how the business structured the app and how and why things are where they are.
Business will always have its priorities and those priorities might or might not match what IT's priorities are . In the end IT has to listen to the business and work with them and find a suitable compromise to get the job done .

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I think this thread started because I took exception to the comment "priorities for the business may not be the same as a priority for the DBA’s". IMO they should be the same, i.e. the DBA should not make something a priority if it is not a priority for the business, has their backing. The only exception to that rule is when it comes to backups. That must be a priority for the DBA even if the business does not understand the priority of it - although they need to be reminded of it at every opportunity. With backups the priority would become obvious to the business only when it is too late. I'm curious about the opinions on that. Not the last bit about backups. I hope we do not have any disagreement there.
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