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Date: Wed, 26 Oct 2011 14:29:18 -0700 (PDT)
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I'll share my view on this one as I did with Wolfgang, as I still disagree with a bit of this, finding that I can't follow the business blindly, because sometimes doing what's best for the business isn't always doing exactly what they think should be done.

I know how many times, after hours, I worked on something that I knew was going to rear it's ugly head and sure enough, my manager and the business would approach me, and I was prepared with what appeared to be a quick fix because I could see the impact to business even if the business could not.  The business hired me to be that expert, do what they ask, but to also go that extra mile to "watch their backs".  Yes, two different companies even referred to me as the Psychic DBA as I seemed to know what I needed to work on before they saw the importance of it.  Does that mean I didn't take care of their priorities?  No...  It simply meant I had the foresight to keep on my radar what had the potential to go wrong and be pro-active about it.  I am part of the business, an expert in my field and sometimes its my job to get the business what it needs even if it isn't what it says it was what it wanted...

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I think this thread started because I took exception to the comment "priorities for the business may not be the same as a priority for the DBA’s". IMO they should be the same, i.e. the DBA should not make something a priority if it is not a priority for the business, has their backing. The only exception to that rule is when it comes to backups. That must be a priority for the DBA even if the business does not understand the priority of it - although they need to be reminded of it at every opportunity. With backups the priority would become obvious to the business only when it is too late. I'm curious about the opinions on that. Not the last bit about backups. I hope we do not have any disagreement there.

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