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From: Brent Day <>
Date: Wed, 26 Oct 2011 11:52:36 -0600
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Great thread. Politics and eagerness to impress drives many projects to put performance consideration as a low/no priority until problems surface in production. Unfortunately in my 20+ years doing Oracle development/DBA work,  most companies I have worked at are very quick to blame Oracle, the DBA team or some other sub system (storage, unix, etc) but more times than not it is poor application design, bad SQL and developers not really understanding how the database works.
I just completed leading a project where we were forced to re-platform our PeopleSoft system. I fought this till the end saying no amount of hardware would fix the performance issues and that query tuning, adding appropriate indexing, etc would be required. Well, long story short - new hardware did nothing for the performance and DBA team had to scramble to analyze 1800 queries, add indexes and rewrite queries.

Even after this, we still have new projects run by the same project managers doing business the old way. Its all about politics and getting the projects done early so the project team can look like heros / meet or exceed criteria for bonuses, etc. Sadly the end product usually never meets user expectations.

Just my .02

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> I honestly don't think it's intentional by the business to move poor
> performing or code that will only be able to sustain the business for a
> short period of time into production, it's just due to the demands of the
> business for many companies. This does, however, make performance tuning a
> lesser priority in many environments, (and keeps me in demand and well
> employed... :))
> As I specialize in this area, I now question the kind DBA's on the list to
> see if you also find performance tuning a lesser priority in the
> environments you've worked in. I'm also curious what kind of environment it
> is, (private sector, retail, banking, government, etc..) Just like disaster
> recovery and other tasks that DBA's may put a higher priority on, the
> business, as it does not always directly correspond to revenue, does not
> view as part of the goal...
> Please feel free to email me directly if you wish to remain anonymous..
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