Re: primary keys and dictionary overhead

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Date: Fri, 21 Oct 2011 12:12:55 -0400
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Thank you for the responses. I have been busy and unable to catch up the last few days. First off I know to test it myself. I know I can run a tkprof. However, I don't think that is sufficient. I can't recreate the volumes that we get in production. So I was looking for a little more information to see if anyone has seen anything. There is a limit to the level of volume tests I can run. Has anyone written a paper or a presentation on this?
As far as UK constraints. We use unique indexes. We don't define them as constraints. Functionally its the same thing, but they don't show up in the DBA_CONSTRAINTS views. I am not sure how much of a difference that makes in data dictionary activity. I have not checked yet.

As far as the email about a few vendors who insisted doing this and then didn't use bind variables. We use bind variables. James Morle was one of the guys who worked on this database. One of the guys who is still here worked with him and they both decided to pull the constraints and everything out. No synonyms. Only grants to public. I think he wrote about some of his experiences on another application back then in the Tales From the Oak Table book. It might be his own book from the late 1990s. I can't remember. I was still in college when they first built this database and had never even heard of Oracle.

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