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You can definitely run multiple RAC databases on the same servers.

When you have vendor products where only god knows who have DBA privileged access to the system you want separate database instances for each product.

When you have spare server capacity why not use it rather than spend money buying more servers?

With a two-node system you probably want to limit your total utilization to about 40% of a server so in the event of the loss of one server for an extended period of time you can run everything on the one remaining server with decent performance while you want on the repair.

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Multiple databases in a cluster is certainly supported, and something lots of companies do. The decision of whether do proceed this way would depend on a number of factors (aggregate CPU requirements per database, interconnect chattiness per DB, maybe switch capabilities/capacities, how easy or hard it may be to provision storage for another set of clusterware, etc ...) - John

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AIX 6.1
Peoplesoft HCM + ELM

We have an existing RAC + GRID cluster built to run Peoplesoft HCM. 2

We have been asked to install another Peoplesoft module (ELM). My recommendation was to construct a 2nd cluster to support the 2nd module and its database. So........I would end up with 4 nodes (2 for the HCM cluster and 2 for the ELM cluster) and these clusters would be distinct.

I am being asked if it is possible to install the new ELM product on the existing nodes. That is..........a 2-node RAC cluster with 2 distinct databases and 4 instances.

This is not making much sense to me.....I am not even sure if this is supported/feasible.

Looking for ideas on this.
Any input appreciated.



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