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Date: Wed, 19 Oct 2011 08:22:29 -0700 (PDT)
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>>I am not in my 20ies anymore!

Neither am I.... I'm 46.... and yet here I am at a customer about to talk to them about NoSQL, HDFS and Hadoop....

Respectfully, if you want to stay relevant in this field, you need to disengage from this kind of thinking. It is a fact that technology is changing, that new needs need new solutions and that no mater how we hate it, change happens. You need to be prepared to deal with change, or become irrelevant and less marketable. Frankly, if I were a hiring manager and you displayed that kind of attitude in an interview, I'd probably disqualify you on the spot.

Understand how NoSQL fits into the enterprise environment (or does not depending on how you look at it) and what it's used for. It's not going to supplant the normal RDBMS, ever, but rather it typically serves as a landing spot for "Big Data" ... typically key paired data, that eventually finds it's way into a traditional RDBMS (Oracle of course!). I personally think that the typical "Big Data" infrastructure (Hadoop, DBFS, NoSQL, etc) is probably over used these days for a variety of reasons. I believe that in many cases the traditional database infrastructure could be used rather than a brand new "Big Data" infrastructure. However there are many business cases where this infrastructure is clearly needed and as unstructured, high volume and high velocity data becomes more and more prevalent in the data center, we will forced to deal with it.

Moore's law applies in many ways in the technology field.... and I often find myself tiring with the pace of change, but that is the way things are. You have to keep up, find yourself become less and less marketable, change careers or retire. It's all up to you.

Relevant to NoSQL, the database skills you have learned will not be going away and will always be in demand.



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> If anyone's interested  ;>

That's really not funny!
I am learning since nearly one year for "1Z0-047 Oracle Database SQL Expert" and wrote a lot SQL scripts in my job. You wish to say me that this know-how is useless and I need to learn Java? I am not in my 20ies anymore!

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