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Try #2, sorry.  My original reply got canned for overquoting, so let me see if this gets through to the group.  


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Sorry, at the Australian 12c launch, so I just saw this.


If you were doing a one system upgrade, you will be upgrading your existing repository, so that keeps everything you had.


If you are doing a two system upgrade, you clone the existing repository, leaving the old version with pre-12c agents pointing to it. You can then gradually install 12c agents pointing to the new repository.


That means you have both running, pre-12c and 12c, each with its own agents. As you move the pre-12c agents, you can sync the history as part of the move to the 12c repository.


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With the EM upgrade, when we re-register the targets do we loose the history of the metrics gathered? Is there a way to preserve the performance metrics history?


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