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Hmm, unfortunately awrrpt.sql is exactly what I wanted to double check. I know that we have it unclicked in OEM but it's hard to police awrrpt usage. I suppose we should probably had rm'ed the script from all our test servers to be on the safe side but it didn't occur to me until now.

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You can check the MGMT_ADMIN_LICENSES view to verify if someone has clicked "yes" in the dbconsole when asked if a license was available for the management pack.

Don't know if there is a flag set when running the awrrpt.sql script or when selecting directly from the hist* tables.


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Revisiting this thread from back in May... Does anyone know of a method in 10g to check whether a Diagnostic Pack option was ever used? I'm concerned that someone might at some point have run an awrrpt on a dev database without realizing that required a license and want to check whether it has ever happened.

For 11g Oracle provides scripts to check this (option_usages.sql) but they don't seem to work in 10g.

Appreciate any help in advance.

BTW - people might find this of interest: I have verified that when we uninstall certain options and then patch the database the options come back.

Jay Miller

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