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P.S. The query is attempting to identify extra cost items -- but probably does not include all of them. The trick is to know what an extra cost item 'NAME' is, as my view has around 269 rows.

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This could possibly help... It's as close as I have come. You can put whatever NAME you wish from the dba_feature_usage_statistics view. I just added 'Diagnostic Pack' for you.

Let me know if you get something better. I'm still looking for Gartners warning about 'Total Recall','Advanced Compression','Active Data Guard' and 'Real Application Testing' being separately chargeable which I do not see listed in this view. (Gartner Publication Date: 6 February 2009, ID Number: G00164790). (btw someone just handed me the article... so I guess they are about three years late... anyway, I'm looking for a definitive way :).

So if anyone has info on these other four...

  SELECT a.*
  FROM (

          SELECT  dfs.*,
                  ROW_NUMBER() OVER (PARTITION BY name ORDER BY version
  DESC) rno
          WHERE   detected_usages > 0
          AND     name IN

'Advanced Security',
'Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor',
'Data Mining',
'Diagnostic Pack',
'Label Security',
'Partitioning (user)',
'RMAN - Tape Backup',
'Real Application Clusters (RAC)',
'SQL Access Advisor',
'SQL Tuning Advisor',
'SQL Tuning Set',
'Transparent Gateway'
) ) a

  WHERE a.rno = 1

Joel Patterson
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Revisiting this thread from back in May... Does anyone know of a method in 10g to check whether a Diagnostic Pack option was ever used? I'm concerned that someone might at some point have run an awrrpt on a dev database without realizing that required a license and want to check whether it has ever happened.

For 11g Oracle provides scripts to check this (option_usages.sql) but they don't seem to work in 10g.

Appreciate any help in advance.

BTW - people might find this of interest: I have verified that when we uninstall certain options and then patch the database the options come back.

Jay Miller

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Also, even if you didn't install an option as a base install applying the patch will install some options automatically.

The impression I'm getting is that whether Oracle charges for installed and unused options depends on whether you're on good terms with them or not.

Jay Miller
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I think Brandon has a point. The management packs are all installed, and you must constantly go in and 'uncheck' them in EM. Oracle will install everything by default unless you can stop it, and for example 'partitioning' is used by EM, whether you use it or not.

So Spatial Data, or partitioning, OLAP, RAT, Data Mining... seem to go in easily enough, but have you tried to remove them (which includes checking that you are doing it correctly)?

Having said that, I removed OLAP which I believe was all I needed to have everything removed for 11g. But 10g can still display options from previous DBA as shown by Sqlplus when logging in, (so 'upgrading' would keep them).


Joel Patterson
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I'm still not convinced that a license is required for unused options. I think there is a key distinction between the documentation that mentions licensing based on usage and those that mention licensing based on installation. My interpretation is as follows:

  • installation-based licensing - only pertains to the main database server software, e.g. "Oracle Database SE/EE" must be licensed for all processors on the host where it is installed
  • usage-based licensing - only pertains to specific pieces of add-on functionality such as the extra options (e.g. Partitioning) and management packs (e.g. Diagnostics Pack).

I'm not positive if that's correct, so don't take my word for it, but everything I've read so far seems to be pretty consistent on those two points.



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I'm in total agreement with you regarding the wording of the vast

majority of Oracle docs


Hopefully though, the above should show that "installed and/or run" as

frequently quoted by Oracle in their documents, means installing an

option or feature does require a license.

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