RE: Operational Excellence - True or False? (Feel free to explain if so inclined)

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Norm, Norm,

You can verb anything, dontcha know?

To the question at hand - I think people have said it better than I could. But my feeling tends to be that while many people may be able to achieve some level of competence in both Oracle and SQL Server, true excellence in the both of them is out of the range of us mere mortals.

Just my $.02

Stephan Uzzell

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Morning all,

>> ... (That is, to achieve operational excellence in regard to
>> enterprise data management of large data stores managed by
>> both Oracle and SQL Server, you need individuals who
>> specialize in each technology).

I tend to disagree, but as ever, it depends. It depends on who the person in question actually is. If it was me, for example, then my brain is getting far too old to remember everything I already know about Oracle (and Firebird) to add even more to the pile with SQL Server.

In fact, I recently turned down some free (And I'm a Jock living in Yorkshire!) SQL Server training for this very reason (plus the fact that I actually have an inbuilt hatred for SQL Server - don't ask me why, I just do!).

If, on the other hand, the person was Jonathan Lewis, then I'd expect him to end up as a person of excellence in both disciplines. Simply because he can (or appears to) dedicate large periods of time in research mode testing things, investigating and learning what goes on under the covers.

Tanel Poder, I think, would also be another guru if he decided he wanted to be. There are others, some on this list, who would also be able (in my opinion) to take on the roles of Oracle & SQL Server DBA to a high standard.

I often wonder, when I read Tanel or Jonathan's blogs, just *how* they find out information about the internal workings of Oracle.

And I also have to add, I absolutely loathe and detest the use of certain words as verbs when they are simply not verbs, a thing much loved by "right on" management - "we are going to leverage ....", "we need to architect a new ...." and this morning's one from another post, luckily tongue in cheek, "I shall have to socialize (socialise) this in the office" - Aaargh!

Maybe I'm just a grumpy old codger? ;-)


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