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Date: Wed, 27 Jul 2011 10:48:33 +0800
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If you don't have ARCHIVELOG mode, all your backups are "Consistent" backups made when the database is MOUNTed but not OPEN.

Your restore and recovery scenario practice must also include the case where you have also lost the controlfile. How you restore the controlfile depends on how you backup (or autobackup) the controlfile. The controlfile must be available and database MOUNTed before you can do a RESTORE DATABASE.

(of course the final question is : WHY you don't have ARCHIVELOG mode enabled ? there are situations where a database is left in NOARCHIVELOG mode but that must be a conscious decision after understanding all the ramifications).  

Hemant K Chitale
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Since we don't archive log on this database, I believe a restore will do it. I just took the Oracle 11g admin class part II which dealt with rman but a lot from the em standpoint. Plus we were on windows and the manual was unix. My db's are on unix so I was ok with it. In the past I did mostly unix scripted backups so I am familiar with all things oracle, just not as versed on rman as I wish. Hence the class......... We did practice recovery and restore.

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Essentially yes. You *may* I doubt it in your case not have picked up on the distinction of restore (when you need to pull back files from the backups) and recovery (application of archived redo). RECOVER will not do the restore part - except where archive logs are not on disk, and RESTORE will not do the recover bit. So for complete restore and recovery you will need



These will use the most recent appropriate available backups (including incrementals) to attempt a complete recovery.

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So I've been putzing around with rman and now I have a list of backups. If I want to restore the very last copy of the db, all I have to do is issue a:

RMAN> recover database;

that's it? And it will take that last copy even though I have about 7 or 8 listed?


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