Re: all time worst question I have been ever asked as a DBA

From: Hans Forbrich <>
Date: Tue, 26 Jul 2011 19:47:36 -0600
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According to nearly every User, SysAdmin, NetAdmin and StorAdmin I know:

Rule 1: It's the DBA's fault

Rule 2: You can change anything arbitrarily without telling the DBA, it'll still be the DBA's fault.

Rule 3: Even when the DBA shows exactly where (in another area) the problem is, It still is the DBA's fault.

Developers add:

Performance, security and integrity are add-ons, after the fact. When they are needed, it's the DBA's fault.

On 26/07/2011 3:12 PM, Walker, Jed S wrote:
> Argh, hit send too soon:
> + then tell him to do that for all of them and if he gets it wrong
> it’ll be on him. He’ll learn to fix it.
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> Common with netapp, you can actually try copying the file to a new
> file. Delete that file, and then rename the copy back. I think that
> will work, but it can be a pain.
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> *Subject:* all time worst question I have been ever asked as a DBA
> So, I am getting this error on one of our virtual Linux servers:
> ORA-00210: cannot open the specified control file
> ORA-00202: control file: '/u01/app/oracle/datafiles/devdb/control01.ctl'
> ORA-27086: unable to lock file - already in use
> Its probably due to a stale NFS lock. The question from my sys admin:
> -rw-r----- 1 oracle oinstall 10076160 Jul 22 13:33 control01.ctl
> can that file just be removed
> Ok, I am a little frustrated with him...
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