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I can provide case after case after case where people did not understand and 
properly configure their backup and recovery architecture.... and disaster 
resulted. It is, job #1. If there is no data, there is no need for a database, 
tuning, replication, PL/SQL or any of that other cool stuff people love to do.



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If you work, or plan to work, as a professional DBA, I strongly recommend you be 
familiar with all the scenarios that Thomas describes.  At various times I have 
run into all those scenarios.

As others have noted in the past, backup and recovery is where DBA's earn their 
pay (and can lose their job for that matter).

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>Essentially yes.
>It knows about all the backups.  It knows the state of the current database.  
>You are not describing your test case well enough to give a fuller answer.
>Did you lose a data file?  A couple of data files?  The entire database 
>including control files?
>If I were you ( and I’ve done this), I would create a test database and go 
>through recovery scenarious.
>Delete a data file and write the Rman script to restore and recover it.
>Delete a couple of data files and do the same.
>Delete the entire database including control files.
>Perform an incomplete (point in time) recovery of one tablespace.
>Roll a database back to a prior point in time.
>Get the idea?
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>So I've been putzing around with rman and now I have a list of backups.  If I 
>want to restore the very last copy of the db, all I have to do is issue a: 
>RMAN> recover database;
>that's it?  And it will take that last copy even though I have about 7 or 8 
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