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Date: Tue, 26 Jul 2011 15:49:58 +0000
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Hi Laimutis,

No, no flashback set up in this environment. We may consider it for the future, but that won't help us now.

I looked at the documentation a bit but was not able to find that - do you happen to have a link for it? The more official-looking an answer I can get, the better off I am with management...


Stephan Uzzell

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do you have flashback swichted on ?

else, according to what we did with standby backups and oracle documentation that is doable.

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Hi listers,

Looking for a quick confirmation here - I think this should be possible, but like to confirm it before I start down this route.

We had a SAN failure on a primary DB ( RAC). Failed over to (physical) standby as the quickest way to get the system going again. Looking at the backup history of the primary, the most recent full backup is several days ago. The bandwidth between the two datacenters where primary and standby reside is - well, transferring a full backup of standby to primary might well take 96 hours or so.

I'm hoping to do the following as a way to get the system back to its normal state:
1) Restore the full backup of primary now that the SAN issue has been resolved.
2) Take an incremental backup of standby (which is now running as primary) and use that to recover primary - obviously there are transactions occurring in standby now that would need to be applied to primary before we could switch back.
3) Switch back

I can't imagine any reason this wouldn't work, but I've never tried in this direction before. Applying incremental backups of primary to standby is something I've had to do more times than I like to think about - so I'm familiar with the process.

Can someone confirm this will work? Any caveats?


Stephan Uzzell

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