Re: Semi-OT: Job Descriptions

From: Bill Ferguson <>
Date: Thu, 21 Jul 2011 13:03:37 -0600
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Being in the government, I've written (and re-written) my own job description for the last 20 or so years (after somebody else wrote my first one).

I find it to far more accurate and descriptive than the "new way" of doing it, where we go to some SQL Server driven web site, and basically answer a couple questions and then it tells you what your job description is. Totally bogus and extremely inaccurate. I'm in what is called the 2210 job series (IT Specialist), and it has (I think) 5 different 'parenthetical descriptors' for Data Mgt, SysAdmin, Security, Customer Support, and Networking. My job requires me to perform tasks from all of the categories on a regular (daily) basis, but according to my 'new, automated' position description, all I do now is database work.


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