Re: Is a RDBMS needed?

From: Nuno Souto <>
Date: Thu, 30 Jun 2011 21:07:21 +1000
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Trust me: that is most definitely not the case here. A contract DBA is lucky to make that amount per day, if ever.

Developers? The last ones we contracted came in at 2grand/day. And did more damage than a lifetime of DBAs...

The whole equation for ROI really needs to be re-examined: the "expensive DBA" has been a chestnut for years now, about time some folks opened their eyes to the real costs in *any* project!

Nuno Souto

Dba DBA wrote,on my timestamp of 30/06/2011 12:27 AM:

> operations DBAs in the US tend to make considerably more than developers. Now
> that is not always true in a slow economy. There is alot of low balling. but if
> they are low balling the dbas at a company, they are probably doing the same to
> developers.
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