PLSQL - handling errors when using an implicit cursor

From: Schauss, Peter (ESS) <"Schauss,>
Date: Wed, 29 Jun 2011 20:20:41 +0000
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I have a stored procedure which is copying and, in some cases, transforming data from one table to another. For some reasons related to the application requirements, I have to use code in the form:

insert into target_table (c1,c2, c3,...)

	(select s1,s2,s3,...) 
	from source_table
	where ...);

I am trying to work out a way to handle errors so that we can determine which row in the source table caused the insert to fail. The only thing I have thought of so far would be to use an ORDER BY clause in the select statement. Then the SQL%ROWCOUNT+1 would be the offending row in the source table. I could then retrieve that row with a select statement. Read consistency should insure that it would be the same row as long as I do not commit or roll back the transaction. Can anyone suggest a less cumbersome solution?

Peter Schauss

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