RE: Slightly-OT: Throw HW at a SW/DB problem

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>>There must be some good and well written apps out there! Somewhere?

There are good applications out there but the better and more expensive the dba/developer is, the less likely he/she is to run into it on his/her travels, as they will not need emergency tuning as either the vendor or the company has sufficient quality dba's/developers to support them. This is true regardless if the dba/developer is full time or a consultant as this systems would get the least exposure as they are the problem free ones. Firefighters rarely look at houses not on fire.


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Morning Jonathan,


>> The logical fix is sometimes simple, the necessary code change tends
to be
>> harder - unless you catch it very early.
True. And so far, in the contracts I've been on, the only time I see a database, as a production DBA, is when the thing has passed through the myriad layers of management and so on, and then it goes live. The money has been paid, the contracts signed - and we are stuck with it.

I've had multi-user systems running "SELECT MAX()+1" queries on the database to get the next "sequence" because the application is "database neutral". I already mentioned that everything I see has a parse:execute ratio of 1:1.

There must be some good and well written apps out there! Somewhere? Surely? One day, perhaps, I'll come across one.


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