cannot spool the mounted standby database through cron job shell script. Any other suggestions?

From: sundar mahadevan <>
Date: Mon, 27 Jun 2011 14:10:57 -0400
Message-ID: <>

Hi All,
Greetings. I have a standby in mount state. I would like to query the latest archive log applied on standby (in mount state) to apply the archive logs from primary with a cron job shell script. When i query "select max(sequence#) from v\$log_history;" from a shell script it works. But if i set it up as cron job as below, it does not work. I cannot assign the output to a shell variable since the database is not open and it would crap out. Any other suggestions? And the reason for this behaviour? Thanks a lot in advance.
sqlplus -s /nolog << EOF
set head off
connect / as sysdba
spool last_applied_on_standby.log
select max(sequence#) from v\$log_history; spool off

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