RE: Upgrading RAC to RAC anyone?

From: Bobak, Mark <>
Date: Sat, 25 Jun 2011 16:58:12 -0400
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Thanks the the suggestion, Martin. I actually noticed a post from Andrew Kerber, earlier today, and forwarded to my colleagues. I'm sure it will be a topic of discussion on Monday.



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Hi Mark,

I’d also recommend you patch to whilst you are at it, there’s a rather interesting note on MOS (1318986.1 - ORA-600 / corruption possible during shutdown in RAC) as part of the Patch Set - Availability and Known Issues [ID 1179474.1] document.

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Martin Bach

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Subject: RE: Upgrading RAC to RAC anyone?

Thanks to Andrew and Alan for their replies.

To answer some questions, yes, GI home was previously upgraded to

I pre-staged the binaries for DB Home, and that was successful to all 5 nodes.

When I ran ‘dbua’, later, I got the error.

Problem was, I set ORACLE_SID to the local instance of the db I wanted to upgrade, and ORACLE_HOME to the new home and put the ORACLE_HOME/bin in my PATH. When I did that, I got the bizarre error shown below.

The solution was to log out, log in, cd my_11.2.0.2_db_home/bin and then run ‘./dbua’. When I did that, it worked. (No environment variables set.)

Oh, and yes, dbua wants you to choose the name of the database, not the local instance.

So, anyhow, all is well, and my upgrades are on the way.


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