Re: suggestion - Non rac database to rac database migration methodology

From: Ram Srinivasan <>
Date: Fri, 24 Jun 2011 06:26:34 -0400
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We have recently moved several databases from non-RAC to RAC.
  1. Create a standby database on the RAC node. When you create a standby, you have to create it only on one node. Later you can add instances on the other nodes. While creating this standby, the source database can be open to the users. There is no down-time for the source db.
  2. After creating the standby on node 1, and syncing it with the primary, then you can schedule a "switch-over". This switch-over is about 20 - 30 minute process, using data guard. Both the source and the standby will not be available for the users during the switch-over.
  3. After the switch-over, the standby on RAC will become the primary and database on the old server will become standby.
  4. After a week or two, making sure that the RAC database functions all right, disconnect the data guard between the primary and the standby. Create another instance on another node. Shutdown and start the database using srvctl commands.

  This is how we moved all the databases to RAC in dev, test, and in prod with minimum down time.

Ram Srinivasan

On Wed, Jun 22, 2011 at 1:56 PM, KRISHNA MOORTHY <>wrote:

> Hi,
> Currently we are migrating an non rac database to rac database.
> Source:
> Database Version: 10g R2 32 bit
> RAC : No
> Target :
> Database Version : 10R2 64 Bit
> RAC : 2 node ASM database
> For the above migration, i have taken expdp/impdp methodology.It takes 15
> hours to complete activity.(The data transfer rate from source to
> destination is 300KB per seconds)
> Please suggest as any other methodology for this migration to reduce
> downtime.
> Regards
> Krishna

Ram Srinivasan

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