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the Notes under "Deleting a Cluster Node on Linux and UNIX Systems"

"Deleting a node from a cluster does not remove a node's configuration information from the cluster."

"If you run a dynamic Grid Plug and Play cluster using DHCP and GNS, then you need only perform step 3 (remove VIP resource), step 4 (delete node), and step 7 (update inventory on remaining nodes).

Also, in a Grid Plug and Play cluster, if you have nodes that are unpinned, Oracle Clusterware forgets about those nodes after a time and there is no need for you to remove them."

Step 5 actually updates the Node list but is not mandatory.

What were the steps you performed in your "standard procedure" ?

Hemant K Chitale
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> Martin,
> This would also mean that, when you do a dropnode procedure, this information is not removed.
> This could be done intentionally as part of the "grid plug and play" in which nodes can be "automatically" added / removed. Keeping the information would insure that a temporarily removed node keeps the same node id (and instance id) when added back to the cluster.
> It could also just be a bug  ;-)

Or just an 'happy feature' ... I'll try to open a SR to Oracle.



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