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Date: Thu, 23 Jun 2011 11:38:44 -0400
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Or, if you're on 11g, you can set ddl_lock_timeout, to slip ddl changes in while dml is running against a table.


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You can't lose the rows being inserted. They'll be inserted into the one and only one segment appropriate - or it'll throw an exception that there's no partition for that row.

However, DML can block a partition exchange operation, so it's best to wrap such changes in a loop akin to Jonathan Lewis' do_ddl function in order to eat ORA-00054 errors caused by an inability to get an exclusive lock on the partition being shuffled out.

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> Since the Partition Exchange is a Data Dictionary process only, I'm assuming
> that, should there be a DML transaction on the main table during the
> Exchange, the Audit row(s) will either go into the old Audit table segment
> or be put into the new, empty exchanged-in segment.  Have there been any
> reports or situations where a transaction's data got "lost" during a Segment
> Exchange?  I can't find anywhere that Oracle guarantees it won't happen.
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