RE: suggestion - Non rac database to rac database migration methodology

From: Bobak, Mark <>
Date: Wed, 22 Jun 2011 14:29:23 -0400
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Hmm....this is a bit of a broad question, as we don't know much about your configuration.

First, you mention ASM as being configured on the new RAC. You don't mention it on the source database, so, I assume it's currently non-ASM? If so, using RMAN as a migration path may be viable. If you do a Google search for 'oracle migrate filesystem to asm', you should find lots of hits.

If the source is *already* on ASM, and assuming the storage is already SAN based, you could work with the storage team, to remove the devices from the current host, and present them to the new RAC hosts. That would be, by far the quickest, but is dependent on your SAN configuration, and whether you're already on ASM.

Once you've got the database itself moved, you'll need to add a new thread and set of online redo log files, and don't forget to enable the new thread. Then it's off to the init.ora (or, hopefully, spfile) to set instance-specific parameters, like undo_tablespace, thread, local_listener, etc. Finally, set cluster_database to true, and you should be able to start up on both nodes of your new RAC cluster.

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Subject: suggestion - Non rac database to rac database migration methodology


Currently we are migrating an non rac database to rac database.


    OS :RHEL4
    Database Version: 10g R2 32 bit
    RAC : No

Target :

    OS :RHEL5
    Database Version : 10R2 64 Bit
    RAC : 2 node ASM database

For the above migration, i have taken expdp/impdp methodology.It takes 15 hours to complete activity.(The data transfer rate from source to destination is 300KB per seconds)

Please suggest as any other methodology for this migration to reduce downtime.


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