Partition Exchange Instantaneous?

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Date: Wed, 22 Jun 2011 12:53:20 -0500
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I've used Partitioned Tables and the Exchange Partition feature for years, but it's almost always been when I've got the database to myself or on a table accessed by read-only processes. I need to perform this on a table that's an Audit log for a transaction table being hit fairly frequently. The transaction table has a trigger that inserts rows in the audit table for every insert, update, or delete.

Since the Partition Exchange is a Data Dictionary process only, I'm assuming that, should there be a DML transaction on the main table during the Exchange, the Audit row(s) will either go into the old Audit table segment or be put into the new, empty exchanged-in segment. Have there been any reports or situations where a transaction's data got "lost" during a Segment Exchange? I can't find anywhere that Oracle guarantees it won't happen.


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