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From: David Mann <>
Date: Mon, 20 Jun 2011 12:00:13 -0400
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>Currently we have a Java GUI that invokes a pl/sql package procedure (A)
>which does a lot of stuff and then returns control to the GUI. The trouble
>is, it's taking too long. The 'stuff' it does is more suitable to a batch

Hi Michael,

I waited a couple of days to see if anyone else would respond. I have worked with a few projects that needed this type of functionality for Java based web apps.

There may be something out there but in our cases interface requirements were so specific that we just rolled our own. This was 8i/9i pre-DBMS_SCHEDULER days and we had to do all our own housekeeping to keep track of status of completed jobs and present to the user.

Implementing the same thing would be a little easier today with DBMS_SCHEDULER by setting auto_drop to FALSE and submitting one-time jobs. I would write some PL/SQL to encapsulate the pre-job setup. This includes keeping some metadata to bridge the Scheduled Jobs with your application constructs (like the app userid of who submitted the job).  I would also create a view to make it easier to present job status information to whatever front end will be looking for the data.


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