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Date: Wed, 15 Jun 2011 09:43:19 -0700 (PDT)
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This is the role of the BI Server, which can be bought independently from the BI tool set, and is more target neutral than DB gateways.  the BI Server itself is a "Virtual" ODBC data source to multiple types of data sources, so it processes joins in middleware.  
Snippet from an event last year..  

The session that I’m giving at the BI Forum in Brighton in May is entitled “Inside the Oracle BI Server”, and I’m aiming to take a closer look at the architecture and functionality of this key OBIEE component. We’re all fairly aware of what the BI Server does at a high level, but I thought it’d be interesting to take a closer look at what the BI Server does, particularly when it parses queries and joins datasets together.  
At a very high level, the main function of the BI Server is to process inbound SQL requests against against a virtual database model, build and execute one or more physical database queries, process the data and then return it to users. The BI Server is one part of the Oracle BI Enterprise Edition Plus product family, and presents itself to query tools as one or more databases in a simple relational (star schema) model, that can then point to a much more complex set of relational, multidimensional, file and XML data sources (and in 11g, ADF objects).  
Taking the standard OBIEE architecture diagram, the BI Server sits in the middle of the OBIEE set of servers and provides the query capability, security, interfaces to data sources and calculation logic for OBIEE (all of this is based on the current, 10g set of products).  

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