Re: storage and filesystems on linux (ocfs2, ASM...)

From: Guillermo Alan Bort <>
Date: Mon, 13 Jun 2011 18:22:07 -0300
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For database files ASM is the way to go. If you are on 11g (which I'll assume you are not) you can even put the OCR and Voting disks on ASM. No need for those pesky raw devices.

If you need to share the oracle software just install it on NAS, but I'd recommend against it (again, 11g and rolling patches are actually a good way to provide more uptime).

If you need to share other files, OCFS isn't designed for that anyway, so I'd recommend against using it for that, just go with a NAS (NFS).


On Mon, Jun 13, 2011 at 5:33 PM, Jonathan Smith <> wrote:

> We currently run ocfs2 1.4.x on RHEL 5, and we've been having huge
> problems. Our four-node cluster is simultaneously rebooting roughly once a
> week (sometimes more, sometimes less). The qlogic driver periodically
> rescans the fabric, and blocks IO while that happens. Sometimes it exceeds
> the ocfs2 tiemout, and cluster goes kaboom. We've increased the timeout
> values to absurd levels (more than a minute), and somehow it still happens.
> So, my question is what other folks are doing for cluster storage on RHEL.
> We need the ability to share the database files as well as oracle software
> installs.
> I know ASM is an option, but we haven't investigated it yet. I think is
> instance-specific, and thus can't be used for the oracle installed files?
> Other options might be GFS2 (Red Hat's cluster filesystem), Veritas, or
> something else entirely.
> What are you folks using, and how do you like it?
> Jonathan Smith
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