unable to run RDA on primary DB

From: Manuela Atoui <manuelaout_at_googlemail.com>
Date: Thu, 9 Jun 2011 17:36:38 +0300
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Dear all,

I'm currently working on a undocumented EE primary/standby DB running in maximum data protection mode, OS is Windows 2000 (also undocumented, the purpose of the different OS users isn't clear). The application consists of several forms/reports running on Oracle 10g application server, also completely undocumented, the application developers are no longer available.
The IT Manager changed, and there's no in house DBA.

The alert log on primary/standby reports network errors, resulting in immediate primary DB shutdown due to the no data loss protection mode. Furthermore, the system runs batch jobs, which sometimes fail also (queries running approx. 1 hour).
And of course, this is a production DB with no Oracle support... Migration to 11g may be possible in the future, highest priority now is to fix the network and performance issues.

To get more information about the system, I tried to run RDA on the primary/standby DB.
I have no access to the system, I depend on the IT manager to do the login and open cmd shell. Now, every time so far, the OS user has no system variables (ORACLE_HOME, ORACLE_SID) set, and as Oracle is running as a service under windows I can't check the user-/group id from the ORACLE_HOME as on a UNIX system. As a result, RDA doesn't run (can't find associated DB, can't connect
- bequeath or via Oracle*Net).

My question is:
- what is the quickest way to find out which OS user actually did the
Oracle installation on the Windows 2000 server and hence has the correct environment set to run RDA?
- what is your opinion on using RDA to get the maximum info about the
system? Do you have any other ideas, tools you are using in that situation?
- I'm no expert in forms/reports running on Oracle app server, what is
your approach to get more information about the applications?

Any input is highly welcome, thank you very much and have a nice day

Manuela Atoui

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