Re: Datafile Header corruption on stage database -Need suggestions as there is no backup/archives

From: Stefan Knecht <>
Date: Wed, 8 Jun 2011 18:20:05 +0200
Message-ID: <>

I would double check that you actually have the correct device mapped to your /dev/mapper file.

Perhaps something got screwed with the mapping after a reboot. Perhaps somebody changed it earlier on, and the change didn't become active until you rebooted.

Many things could have happened, but a physical corruption is perhaps the most unlikely to hit the header of your file.

Check your setup thoroughly. Check if you have an earlier version of the map device map config files, perhaps the unix admin takes backups or keeps a history of these.


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On Tue, Jun 7, 2011 at 8:18 PM, Shastry(DBA) <> wrote:

> Hi Oracle-l team,
> We faced the below issue on May mid 2011 and DB was up and running and we
> thought there is an issue in server itself post SA firmware maintenance.
> When there was a chance to bounce the server, Database is having hiccups to
> come up. Is there an option to use Transportable Tablespace? or keep this
> datafile offline and bring the DB up.
> Please lend your advice if there is any sort of recovery.
> Description: SQL> startup
> ORACLE instance started.
> Total System Global Area 4731174912 bytes
> Fixed Size 2090304 bytes
> Variable Size 1140853440 bytes
> Database Buffers 3573547008 bytes
> Redo Buffers 14684160 bytes
> Database mounted.
> ORA-01122: database file 550 failed verification check
> ORA-01110: data file 50: '/dev/mapper/oraSMSTG_data_010_8600Mp6'
> ORA-01251: Unknown File Header Version read for file number 50
> Database version =
> Platform = Linux x86_64

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