Re: Oracle Grid Agent for Veritas Cluster Active-Passive environment

From: Sanjay Mishra <>
Date: Fri, 3 Jun 2011 11:17:23 -0700 (PDT)
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Thanks Finn and Austin. I checked the doc referred by Austin earlier but due to 
Shared Storage requirement and multiple Agent, I am looking exactly what you 
have referred. I will look on this Postonline trigger details as I am not aware 
of it and will check this option.


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Subject: RE: Oracle Grid Agent for Veritas Cluster Active-Passive environment

I’ve been in this exact situation. While you can do what Austin suggested in my 
case it was a prohibitive amount of work to install an agent per database 
protected by VCS.
I use EMCLI just like you do. The trick to getting the command run automatically 
is to have it executed by what’s called a “VCS post-online trigger”. This is a 
file called postonline in the directory /opt/VRTSvcs/bin/triggers. This file has 
a comment about halfway down that says “put your code here…”. Put your code 

Postonline is called by root so you have to su to oracle to get emcli to execute 
correctly. Postonline is also called with the VCS package/group name as the 
first parameter. In my case VCS groups are called the same thing as the database 
SID so that made it easy for me to figure out which targets to relocate. I wrote 
a script called which takes the SID as a parameter, looks up the 
target name of the database and the listener in the repository database and then 
executes the appropriate EMCLI commands to relocate them to the new server. The 
call in postonline looks like this :
`su - oracle -c "/oracle/ $ARGV[1] >> 
/oracle/local/logs/gcrelocate.out 2>&1"`;
/oracle/ is just a little script that sets up the environment 
appropriately for the oracle user when scripts are called from cron or other 
automated or remote tools (like postonline or ssh).
The one caveat is that the emcli relocate command requires both the old agent 
name and the new agent name. Since postonline only fires when the target is 
brought up on the new server you no longer know where it came from (at least not 
when in a large, generic environment like I am. If you only have 2 servers then 
it’s easy. It came from the one you’re not on now). I solved that by keeping the 
name of the server a target is running on in a file that fails over with the 
rest of the package. I chose the pfile directory. After the successful call to 
emcli relocate by it updates the file in the pfile directory to 
contain the new filename so it’s ready for a failback.
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Subject: Oracle Grid Agent for Veritas Cluster Active-Passive environment
I had a Veritas Cluster Non-RAC setup where I had 4 Database on Node1 and 4 on 
Node2 and these cluster nodes act as High availability for each other. All 
database are running with own VIP. Both Nodes have Local Oracle Software which 
is 9i/10g/11g along with Oracle 11g Grid Agent.

Now if I failover one Database from Node A to Node B, then I can use emcli and 
can relocate the Agent configuration for Oracle Database listener. 

What I need is to Automate the process so that I don't need to manuall execute 
the emcli command. I can do this using hares commands like. Anyone can share the 
process used with VCS commands. EM agent are always running on  both nodes and 
only Database might be moved few times. 

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