Converting archivelog file name from FRA to %t_%s_%r.dbf

From: Martin Bach <>
Date: Fri, 3 Jun 2011 14:36:41 +0100
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Hi all,  

A bit of a funny question which has been raised today. Oracle RAC with ASM on Linux.  

Let's assume for a moment that you have a production cluster with a disk group +ARCH used as the FRA. The archived redo logs follow the naming convention shown here:  


An example is thread_1_seq_94.348.752827039  

Thread and sequence number are self explanatory. The rest of the file name is composed of the file_number and file_incarnation as shown in v$asm_file, i.e. you could find this file in asm by querying  

SQL> select * from v$asm_file where file_number = 348 and incarnation = 752827039;  

So far so good. Now what I need to do is copy these files from the production cluster to another cluster and apply them to a clone of the production database to roll it forward.  

The question really is: do you know of a simple enough way to transform the files from their FRA naming convention into the %t_%s_%r.dbf format? RMAN cannot be used unfortunately, and it's too long a story to tell here.  

Ideally I'll run a shellscript which transforms thread_1_seq_94.348.752827039 into 1_94_12345623432.dbf  

Thanks in advance for any pointers!  


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