RE: 11g RAC orapw file issue- RAC nodes not updated

Date: Mon, 21 Mar 2011 10:56:12 -0400
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Good info Martin !! If you could share your script with me, I would be most appreciative.  

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Subject: RE: 11g RAC orapw file issue- RAC nodes not updated  

Good morning,  

There are two aspects to this, I assume you are referring to the RDBMS $ORACLE_HOME/dbs directory. This has indeed to be maintained across all cluster nodes. The same for the DR cluster-I have a small script that queries the OCR for all cluster members and uses the passwordless ssh authentication to copy the script across (mental node: need to extend it to deal with data guard :)  

For ASM/Grid Infrastructure, things have been simplified - have a look at Harald van Brederode's blog: ile-maintenance/  

He says that for Grid Infrastructure the password file should propagate to the local nodes.  

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Martin Bach

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