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We had the same issue with log file sync. There are multiple parameters adjusted with process parameter and one should be carefull with that one. On our situation we kept memory same increased process from 400 to 500 and started to see log file syncs unfortunatelly I cannot say that's 100 percent the cause because to fix the issue even we adjusted sga target by %25 just to keep the percentage same but we also did 11g upgrade on the same day and every

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Its a surprise to me that log file sync should be affected by the size of the process table, rather than the number of active processes (or private redo strands presumably?)

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Other than the usual minimal memory overheads, there is significant impact on

  1. Log File Sync Wait times
  2. Calculated Value of MBRC

Starting from 10gR2, MBRC is auto tuned. The value of processes is taken in to consideration (along with buffer cache,etc) while calculating the MBRC. So I would exercise caution while playing with these parameters.


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