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Date: Fri, 4 Mar 2011 11:31:01 -0600
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I've used this SQL in a script that runs against the old DB and gets all Users but the built-in ones like Sys, System, etc. (User_ID > <SomeInteger>). It makes sure to set their Temp tablespace correctly, in case it wasn't - some of our Apps create Users with Temp tablespace = System. I do System and Role privs in different scripts, as well as tablespace Quotas. Then I take those files to the new DB and run them in order.
Select 'Create User '            || UserName ||           || Chr(10) ||

'Identified by Values ''' || Password || '''' || Chr(10) ||
'Default Tablespace ' || Default_Tablespace || Chr(10) ||
'Temporary Tablespace Temp ;'
From DBA_Users Where User_ID > 33 Order By UserName


Hope this helps.

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Subject:        create user with existing password
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Does anybody have a dynamic sql script that pulls user definitions (including current passwords) into a text file? I need to move users from a 10g database over to an 11g database. They want to keep their current passwords.

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