Re: Just my opinion - the move of MOS to Flash is still a bunch of crap

From: Tim Hall <>
Date: Thu, 3 Mar 2011 14:12:25 +0000
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[grumpy old man rant]
I had a chat about this with someone from Oracle, who shall remain nameless. Their thoughts (not fact) on it was MOS is a "nice little project" to try out the flash renderer on. Quite small and self contained in terms of functionality. They did a similar thing when then switched from Oracle Portal or APEX, although more successfully that time.

I'm not sure what the true motivation was, but it is obvious that the person who made the decision knows nothing about picking the appropriate technology for the task at hand. MOS is a text based site. I'm interested in reading and writing text in it. Flash has no place there.

The HTML version is better, but still a #fail in my opinion. It tries to much to be like the Flash version. They should remove all the crap and clean it up. Or better still move back to the old APEX version. All it needed was a more modern theme. The functionality was fine as it was.
[/grumpy old man rant]



On Thu, Mar 3, 2011 at 1:22 PM, Guillermo Alan Bort <> wrote:
> I am a bit of a cynic... I live in Argentina and we have many things that
> don't make sense to the casual observer but that if you do look in a little
> deeper you see that someone is abusing that thing that doesn't make sense
> and making money or gaining power with it. So I started to look at all the
> things that don't make sense to me from that perspective and everything
> makes sense... twisted, but makes sense...
> It all makes perfect sense
> expressed in dollars and cents,
> pounds shillings and pence.
> [Perfect Sense, Pink Floyd]
> Now... flash MOS simply does not make sense to me (from an end user point of
> view)... so... who is making money or gaining power with it?
> Is it a move to try and get people to stop using oracle support (cost
> reduction)?
> I used to search metalink as my first source for Oracle issues, now i only
> use it when I need to log an SR... Google has far better answers usually...
> and sometimes links to Oracle Forums with interesting MOS notes which I can
> then look up specifically.
> Also, it would appear that the search engine they are using is Enterprise
> Search... which sucks... they should drop the product line, get one of those
> nifty google boxes and have a good search functionality in the search area
> of the crappy support portal.
> Oh, htmlsupport... it works, I usually use it... I still find it too damn
> slow... I tried IE, FF, Chrome, Opera and Safari and I have windows XP with
> 3G of ram and a core2duo CPU... it shouldn't be slow... but it is... because
> it's Oracle...
> Ohhh, the days were much more happier when 'calling Oracle' resulted in
> Batman talking with Barbara Gordon...
> cheers
> Alan.-
> On Thu, Mar 3, 2011 at 8:49 AM, Connor McDonald <>
> wrote:
>> Metaflash
>> What......a......joke.......
>> "Whoops, Ctrl-C for copy - we forgot about that"
>> "Whoops, Shift-Click for open in new tab - we forgot about that"
>> I can't believe they dropped dozens of standard web page facilities just
>> so they could smooth-scroll a region on a screen when you click on it...
>> Upload a file - whoops - "upload completed" seems to be shown when the
>> file has been compressed - its still 10mins to go before its uploaded.
>> File uploaded too big ?  Tough luck - you'll STILL be told it got
>> uploaded, but when you come back later, its no longer there...
>> Whoever dreamed up Metaflash could not find their own bum with two hands
>> and a torch.....
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>> Connor McDonald
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