RE: OEM 11g Not alerting of critical status...

From: Holvoet, Jo <>
Date: Wed, 2 Mar 2011 15:48:10 +0100
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Possibly related ...  

I have pushed 5 or 6 agent installs out to SLES servers. On several of these, the databases running on them were correctly identified, but the default monitoring template was NOT applied to them. In those cases, the DBs have no metrics with thresholds at all.

When you navigate to :  

Targets --> Databases --> problem database --> Metric and policy settings  

Do you see thresholds defined ?  

mvg / regards,

Jo Holvoet    

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Subject: OEM 11g Not alerting of critical status...  


  I have an OEM 11g, with a RAC target with 4 nodes. There are no monitoring templates configured in OEM. There is a notification rule set for 'Database Instances' (I'm assuming this also includes cluster database instances, but there is a 'Cluster Database' target type possible in the notification rules... so I'm not sure.

  We have other targets that are sending e-mail alerts and that's fine, but I have no record of any alert generated from this RAC. What's more, I tried to force an alert (set a very low threshold for a particular tablespace). The alert was generated in EM, but no e-mail was sent. The schedule is 24/7 and the email address is correct.

  I am using sysman.

  What is even more weird, is that I have tablespaces well over the warning threshold and some even past the critical threshold, and there isn't even an alert in EM for them. I am at a loss as to even how to start to investigate this...

  Oh, and I inherited this system and the person that set up EM si no longer available...

   Any ideas? docs? links? magic 8 balls?

thanks :-)

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