Re: Disable redo writing

From: Rich Jesse <>
Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2011 12:33:40 -0600 (CST)
Message-ID: <>

> You can set the tablespaces before import to NOLOGGING mode and enable
> logging after the import is done.
> I'm not sure about importing over network link, but if you run both
> expdp and impdp locally using PARALLEL parameter, then indexes are
> also created in parallel.

That still may not work, at least in 10gR1. From the docs (


In the following circumstances, Data Pump cannot use direct path loading:

  *  A global index on multipartition tables exists during a
single-partition load. This includes object tables that are partitioned.
  *  A domain index exists for a LOB column.
  *  A table is in a cluster.
  *  A table has an active trigger.
  *  A table has fine-grained access control enabled in insert mode.
  *  A table contains BFILE columns or columns of opaque types.
  *  A referential integrity constraint is present.
  *  A table contains VARRAY columns with an embedded opaque type.

If any of these conditions exist for a table, Data Pump uses external tables
rather than direct path to move the data for that table.


The RI restriction would seem to be the most common gotcha.  I never could
get Data Pump to use direct path inserts using the API over a database link,
even without any RI present.  I ended up using it just for tables with LOBs
and then an INSERT/SELECT over the link with the APPEND hint for all other
tables.  Quite the PITA!

Then again, this is on 10gR1 -- perhaps newer versions (still under primary
support!) work differently.


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