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Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2011 05:28:45 -0500
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    Thanks very much for your response.
I will look at these.

    thanks again


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  Karl must have missed this email, but I'll promote his scripts for him... I've had way too much fun with them not to! :)   The AWR gen script, (awr_genwl.sql) was a source of great fun, that only after a few, minor tweaks and a table creation, I was retaining high level AWR data by dbid in a repository. How nice it was to create many pretty, colorful graphs for non-technical managers when they were quick to say, "It was the databases fault!" :D    

  Kellyn Pedersen

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      I'm looking for a way to query the AWR, and ASH tables   to create customized reports. I would also like to present   some of the results in graphs.

      Can anyone recommend any sources for this ?
  Scripts, websites, or 3rd party tools.

      Thanks in advance.


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