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Nice pointers. Thanks, Yong!

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I always go to to do any search. On that page, I have all checkboxes checked except the few about Oracle application server, community *, and a few others I know for sure I want to ignore. Then I put in "select count(*) into :dbstate from v$parameter" in Exact phrase and "ora-01008" in Keywords. The search returned 3 documents.

Unrelated to this specific error. Sometimes when you try to view a bug, it tells you "The Bug ID is invalid or you do not have permission to view the bug" because the bug is unpublished. Try the bug description document, which has the URL form like this:<bugID>.8 For your convenience, you can go to or copy that page to your local hard drive, put bug ID and click Show Bug Description. Sometimes you'll get the bug description document even if the bug is unpublished.

Yong Huang

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I was curious about this and tried to see if I could find the same bug by searching on MOS.

First off you need to use an advanced search and include the bug database to even get close.

But, the closest I could seem to get was another document with the same base bug. This doc however did not include information about clearing the shared pool or using an older RMAN.

There didn't seem to be any search I could do that would lead you to find the doc that Yong told you about.

Kudos to you Yong, but how did you find this doc?

Jared Still
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