RE: rman equivalent of sqlplus whenever error instruction

From: Amit Verma (IT - Otterbase) <"Amit>
Date: Mon, 11 Oct 2010 09:51:38 -0400
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It is actually an RMAN feature
( that even if there is a connection error to the catalog, the backup will continue and use the control file instead of the catalog database. This guarantees that you always have a backup even if catalog is not available and once you fix the connection issues, all you need to do is to resync the catalog or it does that automatically during next backup.

To avoid re-running the job by itself, you can do a "grep -v" on the ORA- "that you don't want to consider as errors" and report the job as successful to the scheduler so it doesn't re-start the job.  

-Amit Verma

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Subject: rman equivalent of sqlplus whenever error instruction

Spent a un-happy morning with various database jobs that reported that they failed because there was no access to the rman catalog, because the machine that was on went down,
but the backup went ahead and then the job failed, causing it to be re-started by the scheduler because its set to do that on failure.

As a result some of the backups were actually repeated, because the rman session could talk to TSM OK, just not the catalog.

This got me to thinking, that what I would like to do in the rman command script, is to tell it to stop and exit if there is a connection error (like the whenever instruction in sqlplus), but I cannot find any reference on how to do this. Anybody know if this type of feature is available?


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