A few questions regarding Dataguard Faststart Failover

From: Zhu,Chao <zhuchao_at_gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 30 Sep 2010 13:34:11 +0800
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The reason we are thinking about using Fast Start Failover with DataGuard is, some of our database we plan to move to DAS (locally in the machine) instead of SAN;
But then we will need some sort of failover capability with Dataguard;

For previous solution on SAN, we have mature process to do the failover(in case of a node crash), though it took little bit long (typically 15 -20 min) due to big SAN storage diskgroup deport/import, all failover needs, and slow start of roacle with big SGA(took 3-5 min to start a instance);

So we were thinking about using dataguard with FSFO to do automatic failover in case of a primary node crashes; And per industry feedback, it is much faster than our traditional VCS failover;

So we have a few questions regarding this: 1. We already have dataguard configured for most of our database (; Now we want to use dataguard FSFO; Is this part of the dataguard license and do we need to pay extra for that?

2. Is the production mature already(it come out in 10.2 i believe); We plan to use it on 11g database only (11.2 and; Clustering is something typical DBA not familiar with(compared with VSC type of HA for Unix guys)

3 . How does it work in real-life production? Any company widely using it? I saw notes from a Amazon DBA on
http://www.nocoug.org/download/2009-05/DBA%27s_Guide_to_Physical_Dataguard_II.pptxtalking about FSFO; Not sure about their real-life experience running that kind of solution;

It is appreciated if other DBAs can share the real-life experience; like bugs known,

2010/9/30 Zhu Chao <zhuchao_at_gmail.com>

> Hi all
> We are thinking about using FSFO of data guard to replace verities
> cluster failover for some low end oracle servers.
> Does anyone know whether it needs separate license or not? How mature it
> is compared with traditional ha solutions like hacmp/vcs?
> Thx for sharing your experience.
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Zhu Chao

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