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From: Nuno Souto <>
Date: Tue, 28 Sep 2010 20:53:47 +1000
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Kellyn Pedersen wrote,on my timestamp of 28/09/2010 6:45 AM:

> always find those folks that due to a need for instanct gratification or maybe a
> need to play superman, "look, I came and saved the day AGAIN! Aren't I great!"
> that will simply duct tape/band aid the problem vs. researching what is actually
> causing the issue and correct it long term, which often means investing the
> proper amount of time and effective research to do so?

Narh, that's not "cost-effective"in today's market. What's important is "demonstrating the cost savings" of remote band-aids. Lots of them, so they look good in the moronic spreadsheet that "measures" service efficiency.

> Yes, I know there are emergency situations that arise and demand a short term
> fix to allow accessibility to a system or resolve an issue asap, but when it
> starts to become a consistent option for all resolutions, it's not resolving an
> issue, its a waste of company resources, time and money. This type of technical
> resource is not an asset, they are a liability in the long run- IMHO

Don't expect an outsourced one to do any better...

> I get very worried when I see a resolution that only consists of "Done".

Bingo! But explain that to helpdesk managers, whose only metric is how many "dones"/head they get...

Ours gets worried sick she only got one "done" from me in the nearly four years she's been "measuring" our efficiency: apparently I'm not filling up my quota.

Explanations of why tend to get quite heated...

Nuno Souto
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