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The PSFT on RAC customer advisory board event is closed.  Sorry.

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The PSFT on Exadata session mentioned, I don't see in the Exadata Customer Specific Session document on OTN, unless it is what Turkcell is using which doesn't say which ERP. I could be missing it though.
There is a:
PeopleSoft Grid Customer Advisory Board (CAB) Event at OOW 2010We are pleased to announce the first PeopleSoft Grid CAB Event to be held at OOW.This interactive and informative event will be an opportunity for customers to learn about the latest PeopleSoft on Grid technology developments, provide feedback to the PeopleSoft and RAC development teams and meet other customers implementing PeopleSoft on the Grid platform. Senior Management, Product Managers and Development Managers from the PeopleSoft and RAC development teams will be present. Audience: PeopleSoft customers implementing or in production with Oracle Real Application Clusters Agenda: Arrivals and Lunch (30 minutes) Introduction of Attendees and Customers (15 minutes) Development Update Oracle Stack Advantage (15 minutes) What's new in PeopleSoft for High Availability (5 minutes) Workload Tagging (10 minutes) TAF/FAN Events (10 minutes) Active Data Guard (5 minutes) PeopleSoft on Exadata (10 minutes) Early Adopter Program (5 minutes) Open Discussion (45 minutes) Please let PeopleSoft customers know of this CAB event and request that they participate. This is a great opportunity for customers to interact directly with Product development and provide valuable feedback on their implementation.
---Drop me a line (or Pat Bangalore if you know him) if you are interested and I'll see in the meantime if they are accepting anymore participants.Pat Bangalore, referenced earlier is running this event.Job

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 There isn't a huge amount on this subject.  I have seen PeopleSoft HR (with T&L and Payroll), Financials and CRM on 2-node RAC on a couple of sites. (I have never seen more than 2-node, but there is no reason for it not to work). This is a wild generalisation, but I would say that Peoplesoft appears to work as well on RAC as it does on single instance.  All the PeopleSoft recommendations for Oracle (in the platform certification report) apply to single instance and RAC.   I have seen a symetric configurations where everything is distributed across both nodes.  I have seen an asymetric configurations with on-line on one node and batch on another (the hardware under each instance is different).  I had some misgivings regarding this when it was proposed, but so far it has worked well.  Different TNS services were defined in the tnsnames.ora that preferred one node over the other, or load balanced across both.  In PeopleSoft the PeopleSoft database name must match the TNS service name.  So, for each additional TNS sevice, an entry has to be added to the table in PeopleSoft that maps the database name to schema where all the objects are located.  We had three services, we needed three rows in this table. Depending on how you want an Application Server or Process Scheduler to connect to the RAC, you configure it to connect to the PeopleSoft database where the TNS service of the same name has the desired characteristic.   I am working with another system on single instance that has particularly high on-line and day-time batch activity.  Sufficient to cause database locking problems in the process scheduler distribution server.  I haven't seen a system with this level of intensity on RAC.  regards

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Well, I searched the metalink site, and didnt find anything useful.  Can anyone point me to some useful documentation on Peoplesoft on Oracle RAC, on the database side.  I found several documents on the web server side, but didnt find much for the DBA,  Oracle and above.  In particular, I am looking for best practices, init settings, etc.


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