RE: DataGuard 10G -converting standby to primary

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Date: Wed, 8 Sep 2010 07:16:27 -0600
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The manual has all the details, but if you know you are going to have issues (planned) then do a switchover prior, if not you'll have to do a failover and then rebuild your old primary to be a standby (read on using Flashback database to make it easier)  

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Subject: DataGuard 10G -converting standby to primary  


We have 10g Dataguard setup(primary database and one physical standby database(DR) )

We are facing frequently network issue in primary site.During this time we are not able to login to primary database server itself.

At this point, what are the steps to convert to the DR(standby database) to an production?
alter database commit to switchover to primary will work?

What are best practises to provide high availabity to customers using Dataguard environment. DG only used for data availabilty?.  




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