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From: Storey, Robert \(DCSO\) <"Storey,>
Date: Fri, 3 Sep 2010 09:29:49 -0500
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Morning/afternoon all.  

Working on cleaning up my rman mess and have a question on retention policy.  

I have a retention policy of 1.

My control_file_record_keep is 45 days.

My tape catalog software has been set for a 60 day retention of my backups.  

A crosscheck archivelog all found no missing files for the length of the record_keep timer.  

I have not issued the crosscheck backup yet. But, I'm sure that there are missing backup pieces since I've not issued the command to delete since mar 2010 (long story..see other post).  

I took a level 0 backup on Sunday night (29 aug). A level 0 was also done on 28 aug.  

So, when I issue the delete obsolete, it should delete every backup piece prior to the 29th? A Retention of 1 says that I only need 1 backup of each. So, since on the 29th I did a level 0 (database force plus archivelog force and the controlfile) that means everything got backed up on the 29th, so that's my Retention 1?  

If that is true, that means that if I run an immediate crosscheck archivelog all, it should show a bunch of expired, since the above delete obsolete will remove all archive logs prior to the 29th backup?  

Which tells me that my retention policy and my record_keep values are way out of whack.  

Or..am I just off in la la land?

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