Re: tar exclusions

From: Andreas Piesk <>
Date: Fri, 03 Sep 2010 00:17:36 +0200
Message-ID: <>

Niall Litchfield schrieb:
> I figured this list would be a good place to ask.I had recently to tar a
> (15g) directory tree on Linux for transfer to a new host. The tree had a
> rather large number of log and trace files that we didn't wish to move.
> No problem build an exclusion list and use
> tar -X <file> -cpvzf <tarfile> <directory>
> I killed this after 10 hours. I then removed the old log and trace files
> saving about 1gb of space only and created a new (blank) exclusion list
> tar -X <file> -cpvf <tarfile> <directory>
> took 40 mins. Is this likely to be a side effect of removing compression
> (the server was pretty much idle apart from me so I didn't expect the
> cpu cycles to be an issue) or of having a ludicrously large exclusion
> list.

most likely due compression, it runs sequential. i usually use pbzip2 for compressing large amount of data. pbzip2 runs parallel and saves a lot of time. if you prefer gzip, use pigz.


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